Market Research and Analysis on Slip Rings at Home and Abroad

Date: 2016-04-13 19:36:47

      There are many slip rings manufacturers at home, and the competition for the slip rings is very intense. MOFLON, as manufacturing enterprise of slip rings, how to break through the difficulty and get the lion’s share under such a complicated market environment?


      The best way is to gain access to foreign markets. The markets for slip rings are so large abroad. The market capacity at abroad can break up severalfold even a few times than at home. So it is imperative to go into foreign markets. For now though, the image of Chinese manufacturers still rest on the low price and low quality for foreigners. Especially in the fitting field of slip ring, to change the prejudice cannot build in a day.


      The potential foreign markets of slip rings are mainly on Europe, the United States and other developed countries. The reason that the productive efficiency is low and the labor cost is high is because the severe aging of population in those developed countries. Due to the reason mentioned above, the labor value added and total cost increase, and the selling price would be higher, which make the slip rings become less competitive. Although the Chinese labor cost is gradually growing, compared to developed country, Chinese labor cost on the whole is much lower. Hence, our products exporting abroad are much competitive.?


     MOFLON believes that the quality and service life of slip rings are the key points in both domestic markets and overseas markets. Because when many foreign customers select the products, they need to take many factors into consideration.


      If the price of the whole equipment is low, they tend to choose the slip rings produced in China. Oppositely, if the whole equipment is sophisticated and used in high-end field, they probably would think more over the slip rings produced in China. So when making offers to the foreigners, the price should be based on their tastes and traits.

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