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The new products development steps of the slip ring

The purpose of the new slip rings product development is to adapt to the market and guide the market, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises to seek new profit growth point, so as to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises. Basically to use the theoretical research and time applications research of domestic and foreign and the real demands for the key elements of a particular features, performance, and appearance. And use unconventional technical means for the original slip ring products from the working principle, structure, material, production process and so on to improve the technical work.

The slip ring for the realization of the needs of the production and work, need targeted design from the slip ring`s structure, function, installation, work environment, uses, etc. New product development is a crucial stage of the slip ring product upgrade replacement; many manufacturers will invest in new slip ring product development a large number of financial, human and material, slip ring in recent years, from the military to civilian application, in order to realize the needs in all walks of life, to do research and development in many areas. It`s enough to see the importance of the new products development for the enterprise. Of course, there is a set of scientific management program for management, to improve the functioning of the development of the operation of the department.

Mainly the following steps:

? 1. Research and analysis, it is a necessary preliminary work, is mainly analysis and anticipation to the slip rings product`s market status, technical level, demand and prospect, and makes scientific feasibility analysis. And to develop short and long-term development planning and specific implementation plans.

? 2. The determination of design scheme, slip rings product design, including the entire process from new product project developed to the project established to design. It is the core content and main tasks of the new product development, and directly related to the success or failure of the new product development plan. On the other hand, it can serve as an important basis to measure the ability of an enterprise technical level, the first is the establishment of the design task, including the requirements of the new slip ring products to achieve technical parameters, working principle, structure, systems, etc.. Second is the design of the program, including the establishment of technical model calculation, study, test reports, calculations, engineering drawings, tolerances, size, cost, system schematics, testing methods and standards as well as new products, reliability, maintenance, performance, manufacturing processes, and so on.

? 3. Test products and trial slip ring production, the success or not of new product development and design program must through trial manufacturing and trial production stage to identify, in the process of trial manufacturing and trial production should fully make up the negligence and loopholes in the design process. Complete simulation of establishing and cost estimates of every detail of the entire production process.

? 4. The transfer of work after a successful trial production, the new slip ring product transfer of production officially marks the success of new product development; need to give guidance and standards for the layout equipment, operating standards, processes, and means of inspection, inspection standards and other respects of pre-production workshop layout

Finally, we need to review and approval the outcome of the new product development, and feedback throughout the development of the same period in performance evaluation as well as new products market reaction. Slip ring in nowadays fierce market competition environment, only continuous innovation, research and development, improve the performance of the slip ring, in order to win the future.

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