Getting Into An Detailed Insight Into Carbon Brush Slip Ring

Date: 2018-12-30 11:59:46

      Generally, a slip ring is described as an electromechanical device instrument which assists in transmitting signals from a stationary to a rotatory structure. But how does this transmission actually take place? And what are the elements that make the transmission process is complete? Here we will try to answer the above questions with respect to the usage of carbon brush slip ring.

Large current requirements

      There is a good chunk of modern equipment which mandates the requirement of high current flow in the apparatus. The orthodox set of slip ring was not able to cope up with such requirement, Thus, to cater to the requirement of high current load carrying capacity the slip ring manufacturer made some design changes in the orthodox slip rings primarily by adding high-quality carbon brush. These brushes have the capacity of carrying a load current of 2000A per circuit. Thus, it helps in achieving a reliable and stable operational functionality, which is the need of the hour when we take into account any modern equipment. Now let us answer the above mentioned having a fair idea about what carbon brushes are actually used for.

Transmission process with high-quality carbon brushes

      To understand the transmission the prerequisite to understand the functionality aspect of the carbon brush. The transfer of signals begins from the exterior shaft of the slip rings which makes the electrical signal flow into the contact point of slip ring and brush. Further, on attaining a rotational motion the brush rubs against the ring which gives rise to a unique contact, mechanism which is often referred to as the sliding contact between the brush and the ring.

      On one hand, this contact mechanism is an integral part of the transmission process, but on the other, the hand this contact mechanism induces friction in the system. As a result of which the level of heat in the slip ring rises which hampers the functionality when it reaches a certain level. To eliminate the level of friction the high-quality carbon brush slip ring is used which dissipates the heat level.

      The corrosion of the brushes on the polished surface of the conductive rings is reduced due to the user of these carbon fiber brushes and internal reducing the debris generation. The debris if generated will accumulate in the internal parts of the rotary joints and cause the rings to be stuck damaging the operation process. Regular maintenance and replacement of the worn parts of the slip rings are minimized as the wear rate of the parts is almost negligible.

      The slip ring industry is increasing at a geometric rate and more and more research is being conducted to bring the best slip ring to the market which will cater better to the industrial processes. With time the slip ring has become a necessary part of almost every device in the market.

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