Moving from Contact Based Slip Ring to A Non-contact Slip Ring

Date: 2018-12-30 11:58:53

      The discussion of movement from orthodox slip ring to modern slip ring has been observed quite frequently, but the move from contact to contactless slip ring has been less dwelled on. The contact-based slip ring has much to do with the sliding contact mechanism which is the base of transmission of the signal from the rotary to a stationary part and vice-versa.



Contact-based slip ring

      The contact-based slip ring is much akin to orthodox based conductive ring which employs the use of a slip ring and brush. The carbon brush has the element of conductive property and it rubs against the ring to initiate the process of transmission of the signal.



      There is a different form of the contact slip ring, but the functioning of each form of slip ring depends on the contact between the slip ring and brush. The transmission of the signal in such slip ring has been achieved with ease. Though this form of transmission is used quite a lot, there are certain flaws associated with the use of a contact slip ring.


Issues with contact-based slip ring

      As mentioned earlier, the contact based slip ring has a lot to do with the ring and the brush contact. Further, it has been established that the brush rubs against the ring which induces current along with the friction. This introduction of friction causes the brushes to wear out, which further leads to reduced lifespan of the slip ring.



      To solve the issue of the friction and the brushes wearing out, we now have the contactless slip ring. Such slip ring carries out the process of transmission without actual contact. Thus, the element of friction is taken out of the equation.

Contactless Slip Ring

      The contactless slip ring has resolved the issue of friction and other issues related to the contact-based slip ring. The non-contact slip ring has the essence of simplicity in design structure and the functionality of such slip ring does not involve many complications.


The contactless ring works on the principle of magnetic core inductance. This principle helps to absorb signals, which then are transmitted in the form of output signals to the required components. This form of transmission prima facie seem to be in stark contrast with the conventional slip ring application pattern.


Usage of both forms of the slip ring

      Both the contact and the contactless slip ring have a specific set of application. It is not just the dependency on one form of slip ring to deliver, as is expected with the non-contact slip ring.

The application of both forms of slip ring is quite prevalent in the field of core industrial process.

      With time, we might see more such advanced form of non-contact slip ring entering into fields like robotics and satellite communication. Currently, the non-contact technology is used in turbine slip ring.

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