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Application for wind turbine slip rings

The application for wind turbine slip ring are widely for last ten years,We have discussed the function of the slip ring in detail before. In fact, their use in some certain areas also brings their application in those areas, so people named the sling according to their application area in order to remember easily. For example, the slip ring in wind power industry called wind power slip ring, the slip ring in high-frequency use called high-frequency slip ring, and so on. Now, lets talk about the wind turbine slip ring and its characteristics and application notes.
wind power slip ring, is used on the fan, and some of the capsule slip ring can also be named wind power slip ring because they are used on the fan, but it looks like a cap. Now wind turbine slip ring is strict with high quality, because the small wind turbine is very strict with the weight of whole machine, and it has been one of the elements to judge a fan in market. The heavier fan is poor in quality and not used widely, but the lighter fan can be used in the front of hall, conference center and other tourist area, it looks nice and the installation is very convenient, so its very favored by many customers.

As the support and guidance of policy, the development of wind power industry becomes more and more fast, and the great winner are and the wind power equipment manufacturer and related parts supplier. Therefore, as a supplier of through hole slip ring, we should grasp this opportunity to expand our business, do better job in talent training and technology improving, and create more preferable product for market.

In the installation of wind power slip ring process, make sure it sealed. Its always installed outside, so Waterproof is the most important, or it will influence the product safety, easily cause the product short circuit, and sometimes more serious consequences. In addition, please leave enough space for the rotary and not consider the fixed installation brush holder position, then the slip ring will be more flexible and can improve the performance of the entire product.

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