The market prospect of slip rings in 2013

    Many people are afraid the price will increase in the 2013, surely, everything in the world are more and more expensive, including slip rings, Slip rings is a industrial products, and their price is strong related with economic index number and economic cycle. We analyze the years of 2012 slip ring price trend according to present economic situation and state`s macropolicy.
    Watching the worldwide from long term, the change trend of slip ring is rising slowly, especially in present 2 years. Almost everyone felt the price of commodity is going up, unfortunately, the speed is so fast.

    We may heard those cynical remarks from our around; the breakfast was 10yuan but today is 12. actually, the price from all works of life is rising, including the service price. The same for the factory price of slip rings. Confronting this situation, proprietors are not other choice except explain that the wages of employee and materials price are rising.

    There will be shortage in the field of slip rings with the support and encourage of state policy, so the price will be rise rapidly. In order to deal with this situation very well, every manufacturer should make comprehensive preparation to find a place in competitive market, otherwise it will be eliminated. With the prospects of slip rings price rise, it`s extremely important to control the costs of material.

    What`re the reasons to lead to the price of slip rings rise so swiftly? As far as MOFLON ,worker`s wage is the main reason to lead to this situation, and then the rising of raw material price. There is no choice but to goes up the price. In fact, every walks of life is the same.
    Advanced fiber brush is introduced in the field of slip ring and which is meet unlimited rotary motive power from the degree of 360 and control signal. It is inevitable trend as the various specification of slip rings, extended service life, and free maintenance operation have enter home and international class level. Just analyze from wages. The workers are almost the generation of 90s, this groups of consumption demand is very high. It is impossible invest small wages to recruit employees.
    In most situation, the cost from employees almost up to half of enterprise. A few years ago, a worker can be recruited with a little over a thousand, but now it`s tough problem for enterprise to get a worker with 3 thousands.
    Salary is increased with the rising of eat and live. Especially in Pearl River Delta area, most areas have a serious shortage about work labor. It`s a prominent phenomenon the price goes up sharply from stock and futures market, no matter from the beam oil or industrial raw material , their price have reached the roof.
    Those slip ring manufacturers should be prepared for the price rise, and should take those reasons into consideration before make decision and arrange production. Only minor enterprises enhance their anti-risks ability, can they stand out from the crowed.
    A large number of minor enterprises pops up in Shenzhen in recent years. Those enterprises who possess independent intellectual property rights and independent innovate abilities will stand out with strong competitiveness in the near future. The enterprises who have a serious shortage supply will be depressed in price. But new energy industry occupy decisive position, such as SANYSAIC and high precision assembling industry.
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    The market prospect of slip rings in 2013


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