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what is the most importance for slip ring connectors?

Slip ring is one of the important parts of the automation control system, and its performance is directly related to the stability of the whole system running, even normal operation. Then which performances of the electrical slip ring need to pay attention to?

First, the insulating properties, including the interlayer insulating between loops, wires, as well as between the loop and wire, and between the loop, wire and the shells. Of course the insulating is the bigger the better, but it depends on the insulating material inside the slip ring. Usually requires > 1000 megohms.

Second, anti-interference performance, the slip ring connector need to transfer dozens of different types of signals, such as the high-frequency alternating current, high-voltage alternating current, high-current AC, weak DC small signals. Due to the close proximity between the rings, each kinds of interference is generated in the signal transmission process, and resulting in the distortion of transferred information. For general magnetic interference, we use electromagnetic shielding; for the electrical interference, we use the electric field shielding, and other ways to reduce the interference.

Third, the contact resistance is the resistance between the contact of slip brush or the brush wire with a metal ring, if the resistance is too large, over currents cause slip ring fever, but also impact the effect of information transmission. We need to strict screening of the contact material. And require that there is smooth and no scar on the surface of the metal ring.

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