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      Slip ring,which used in the multi-function, high performance, high precision, multiple continuous rotate of the high-end industrial electrical equipment or precision electronic equipment, such as: aerospace equipment, radar communications equipment, medical equipment, automatic processing equipment, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, cable equipment, amusement equipment, display equipment, smart cameras, crystal furnace, wire winding machine, robot, mechanical arm, windmills, shield machine, revolving door, measuring instrument, model aircraft, special vehicles, special ships, etc. It provides a reliable energy and signal transmission scheme for the complex motion of these electromechanical devices. In a word: slip ring, is the sign of advanced intelligent motion equipment.


      Nowadays,in the high-end fields of industrial equipment, there are many demands for multiple movements such as revolution and rotation. In other words, the 360° continuous rotation of the mechanical equipment requires multiple movements on the rotating body. Rotating needs energy, such as electrical energy, fluid pressure energy, and so on. Sometimes, it is also necessary to control signal sources such as fiber optic signals, high frequency signals. Any electro-mechanical device that needs to transmit functional power, weak signal, light signal, air pressure, water pressure, oil pressure, etc.To ensure that electrical equipment which must used the slip ring can move freely when it is rotating.So we should know the factors affecting the working life of the slip ring to avoid unnecessary waste and normal maintenance equipment operation.

      What are the factors affecting the working life of the slip ring? There are five major factors,MOFLON will introduce all details for you now:

    1.The structure of slip ring
      The difference of the structure,the difference of the working life for the slip ring,so,the choice of a good product is the most important.MOFLON with more than 10000 kind of drawings and datasheet,all of OEM slip rings passed ISO9001,UL and CE certificationsso,we have won the trust of our customers.

    2.The material of slip ring
       A good product is often composed of good materials, so good material is an important factor of the working life of the slip ring. Slip rings are made of electric brushes, contact point - conductive rings, insulating materials, adhesive materials, composite brackets, precision bearings, dust covers and other accessories. The brush is made of precious metal material. It is symmetrically double-contacted with the conductive ring ring groove in the shape of "II". The signal and current are transmitted by the elastic pressure of the brush and the conductive ring ring groove. Precision conductive slip rings are high-tech products that have been used in cutting-edge military applications and are key components for various precision turntables, centrifuges, and inertial navigation devices. MOFLON is one of the earliest companies engaged in the research, production and sales of slip ring technology in China. The products have been widely used in civil and industrial applications, and entered the aerospace and military fields in 2013.

    3.The assembly process of the slip ring
      The customized slip ring requires the integrity and correctness of the product design,analying the product's structure process, and the assembly relationship between the slip ring and the installation equipment. .The parameter detection of the slip ring can better reflect the comprehensive performance of the conductive slip ring and solve the problem in time. The detection parameters include product appearance structure detection, normal working life detection, static contact resistance, dynamic contact resistance, insulation resistance, Anti-electric strength and friction torque detection.

    4.The working speed and abrasive resistance of slip ring
      The slip ring itself has no speed and torque is small, relying on mechanical equipment to drive it to rotate. According to the working speed of the customer's mechanical equipment and the internal structure and performance characteristics of the conductive slip ring, the working speed is different for different structural typesof the slip ring. When using the slip ring, the working speed of the mechanical equipment must within the slip ring setting speed, otherwise it will affect the slip ring’s working life. For example, the maximum speed of the hollow shaft conductive slip ring is the highest working speed per minute as the statistical unit. Under normal circumstances, it can not work for a long time at the highest speed, otherwise it will shorten the working life of the slip ring, if it exceeds the maximum working speed,it will have a great influence on the working life of the slip ring, and also greatly affect the accuracy of the transmitted signal, resulting in an increase of the signal noise, and more severely leading to signal distortion, which can easily damage the slip ring.
      The abrasive resistance of the slip ring directly affects the working life of the motor. The material of the slip ring is required to have a large mechanical strength, is a good conductor of electricity, and is alsocorrosion resistance. In sliding contact with the brush, it must have abrasive resistance and stable sliding contact characteristics. In generally, steel slip rings have good abrasive resistance and large mechanical strength, therefore,it’s mostly used in synchronous motors.

    5.The working environment of slip ring
      Although the working life of the slip ring has a lot to do with the manufacturer's production process and production materials, in many cases, the correct use of the slip ring also determines the working life of the slip ring. Generally speaking, a good use and maintenance of the slip ring has a service life of 5-10 years. Conversely, if the slip ring is used in a humid, high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive environment for a long time, the working life is greatly reduced. Therefore, we should put the slip ring in ventilation, away from high temperature, high pressure place when using,it can avoid unnecessary waste and the normal maintenance of the equipment operation. It is not only the above five factors that determine the working life of the slip ring, but alsoincluding operating current, voltage, number of channels, etc. Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers of slip rings, and customers are confused when choosing slip rings. Therefore, we must know the production date, the manufacturer, parameter descriptions, and maintenance reports, etc when purchasing and using slip rings.

      The correct use of the slip ring is the key for extending the working life. The above is the detailed content of the factors affecting the working life of the slip ring which sorted out by MOFLON, and hopes to be helpful to everyone!

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    Slip Rings for CT/ Medical


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