Picking the Right Slip Ring

Date: 2018-11-17 13:50:37

      A slip ring is an electrical equipment which facilitates the transmission of the electrical and the power signals from a stationary to a rotatory body. As the industry grows, slip rings have increasingly become the subject of attention. There are constant research and development, to improve and constantly improve the performance of the product.

      There are many slip rings in the market. Cap style slip ring, the through-hole slip ring, the fiber slip ring, etc. The decision for choosing the slip ring depends on factors like technical parameters, precisions demanded, structure, materials used, etc. Experts use different instruments for testing and viewing quality. But how do we judge without the use of these instruments?

Basic ways to check whether you have opted for a right slip ring or not

      The appearance of the slip rings: Because we cannot see the insides of the devices or equipment, we can only judge the device from outside. The strict parameter of quality control is that the products must look very neat from the outside, the structure should be tight, the design should have utility and compactness, and wires should not be messy, broken or damaged. We should also pay attention to the surface design and brightness of the slip ring. It should have a glossy smoothness. This is the reason glossy black steel is used for the equipment of grinding and cutting slip rings.

      The smooth action of rotation: a good quality slip ring should possess the power to rotate freely. There should be a smooth rotating action in the slip rings for the free and unrestricted flow of power and electricity. The torque should also be low so that the device works correctly and properly, and the smooth rotating action ensures the same. The parts should not be found to be loosely fitted as this may lead to the parts being stuck and result in obstruction. This measure is again needed to ensure the smooth rotation.

      Chamfer should be bright: The Chamfer of the slip rings should be bright. Though the chamfer of the slip rings does not determine the quality of the slip rings, it reflects the processing and the production method of the slip rings. If the chamfer is black in color, it means that, after hardening, heat treatment is used is used which increases the hardness of the slip rings. Some people are of the opinion that if the chamfer is black in color, it means that the rings have not been processed correctly. This is a misconception or misunderstanding.

      These are some simple methods of determining the right slip ring based on the quality of a slip ring. As there is development in the industrial field, companies are trying to achieve the name of professional slip ring manufacturer. The top priorities have been producing quality, technology, service and the interest and utility to consumers as a core of development. And today slip rings are recognized as an integral and indispensable part of any machinery or equipment.

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