How to eliminate electric noise of slip ring on signal transmission?

Date: 2016-03-23 20:53:04

      With the popularity of industrial control and 4.0 industry, many robots,intelligent flow production line, aerospace and UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) are using slip rings to solve the problem of 360 degree?wire wrapping and tubing. But at the same time, there is a severe issue before us. The issue is that the noise disturbance of slip rings brought by information channel, no matter what kind of signals, must be under control. The noise disturbance is usually measured by signal-to-noise ratio.

The performance of slip rings mainly lies in two points:

1 The control level on electrical noise of slip rings.

2 The service life of slip rings. Now, we will talk about how to eliminate the effects of noise on slip ring signal transmission. In nature, the contact resistance of gold is the lowest. However the gold is very expensive. MOFLON Company mainly adopts the electroplating technology, which is plating a layer of wearable gold on the surface of precious metal contact. In this way, we can not only save the cost, but also greatly reduce the electrical noise and contact resistance.Contact wire brush and copper ring of slip rings as shown in the figure below:

slip ring contact

      The structure is the key to further reduce the electronic noise. The slip ring shall not swing in large-range from the pivot friction between the contacts and the rings, thus, raising a quite high standard for the concentricity. MOFLON Company, by processing the components with advanced CNC and with the least employment of nested structures, is able to make the slip rings that live up to the high standard in electronic noise reduction. MOFLON Company, with years of experience and numerous field testes, is doing best in the world at this point. Below is a demonstration of the inner structure and installation guide:

slip ring structure, slip ring inside

By doing the two points of above, the electrical noise of slip rings can be minimized and the quality of slip rings can be assured.


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