moflon slip rings

How to handle the signal cable shielding in slip rings?

    During the process of producing the signal or high speed slip rings, it is worth noting that signal interference should be avoided when shielding cables go through slip rings.

How can we make sure and achieve this point?

    Firstly, we should know about the principle of shielding grounding. There are usually two ways to deal with this problem: one end of shielding cable connects to ground or multiple ends of shielding cable connect to ground.

So what is one end of shielding cable connects to ground?

    One end connects to ground, as the name implies, is refer to one end of shielding cable making metal shielding layer directly ground, while the other end is not grounded or grounded through a suitable protection. For the signal slip ring, the housing is dangling, and the slip ring connects through housing and shielding cable. And the shielding cable of rotor is directly connected to an electrical ground. 

    The way of one end connection is fit for the short circuit, and the induced voltage of cable length can’t exceed the safe voltage. The existence of electrostatic induction voltage would affect security of circuit signal, and sometimes would cause antenna effect.

So what are multiple ends of shielding cable connect to ground?

    Multiple ends of shielding cable connect to ground is refer to both ends of shielding cable making metal shielding layers all ground. For the signal slip ring, the housing and shielding cable connect to each other, and the shielding cable of stator and rotor are all connected to and electrical ground.

    In the course of producing the slip rings, it is very critical and important to deal with the shielding layer. In order to fulfill the EMC standard, it has to avoid the mutual interference between electromagnetism and slip rings. 



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