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What is the Through Bore Slip Ring?

    What is the through bore slip ring? In many cases, we call the slip ring with a hole in the middle as through bore slip ring. The through bore slip ring has been improved rapidly and its application field is very extensive. The through bore slip ring is widely used in CNC rotating working table for medical, CNC machine center, wind power equipments and so on. Many components used for signal transmission need to use through bore slip rings. In the future, to a large degree, the through bore slip ring will be applied in many new directions, such as automation equipments, automatic detection systems, autonomous robots and manipulator and so on. At that time, higher requirements for structure and technical parameters of through bore slip ring are put forward. Hence, manufacturers of the slip ring should attach great importance to product development and innovation, upgrading existing products in the same time, will continue to introduce new products to meet market and consumer demand. The unit price is comparatively high, because the quantity of the through bore slip ring is not as a whole big, and customized processing and production for many of slip rings are required. Quite different from the capsule slip ring, which has a standard model for each type and the unit price is much cheaper, the through bore slip ring is more complicated.  

    Hollow-shaft slip ring is also called through bore slip ring. What is through bore slip ring? There are many kinds of structures for the slip ring. The slip ring can be divided according to structures, application fields, and transmission media and so on. In view of structure, the through bore slip ring can be regarded as hollow-shaft slip ring. The principle of processing technology is almost the same as other types of slip rings, which all use the mop brush and contactor to contact when transmitting the current and the signal from fixed position to turned position. There are several basic parameters for the through bore slip ring, including OD(Outside Diameter)£¬ID(Inside Diameter)£¬length£¬rings, current, voltage and max speed of revolution and so on.

    MOFLON, specialized on various kinds of slip rings, provides high performance slip ring solution for worldwide. Persistent promise on high performance and reasonable price to market for many years, MOFLON, as a result, has won the favor and praise of customers. All the staff in MOFLON has a strong understanding of the material and special requirements on slip rings, which can meet the different needs from a variety of customers in different fields. 

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