Basic Features of An Electrical Slip Ring and Its Advantages

Date: 2018-12-17 16:03:05

      An electrical slip ring is an electromechanical device that helps or facilitates the transmission of electricity and power from a rotating to a stationary object. They are mainly useful in the automation industries and automation devices as they can achieve a rotation of 360-degrees and simultaneously transmit power and electrical signal through the arrangement.

      With the evolution of the industries, the need for better slip rings has also come into the picture. More and more companies are investing in the research and development of the slip rings. Though slip rings have brought about a major change in the industrial sector, there is still the need for a better model that will last longer and will be more efficient.



Features of an electrical slip ring

      The electrical slip ring is a resulting improvement made on slip ring technology and the subsequent design patterns. This slip ring has its own set of unique features that set it apart from other forms of the slip ring, mainly the orthodox ones.

      The electrical slip ring is a combination of hydraulic union and the slip ring assembly. Thus, using an electrical slip ring brings dual advantage into the scheme of thing. Firstly, the electrical slip ring derives benefit from the incorporation of the hydraulic union. Secondly, the slip ring assembly holds the entire unit intact.

      The electrical slip ring also possesses a unique feature which relates to the inclusion of channels. This form of slip ring can undergo customization for the addition of multiple channels. Also, thanks to customization, some of the important components like connector, push pin and holder can be added and removed without any hassle.



Benefits of an electrical slip ring

      As the electrical slip ring includes some specific set of features, it makes way for a host of advantages which is certainly not present in conventional slip ring. For an instance, the electrical slip ring can be easily installed with the changing design pattern. Also, the electrical slip ring has been designed in such a manner that they can withstand any kind of pressure.



      The conductive ring and other components of the slip ring are made up of precious metals. As a result of which, they do not corrode. This reduces the need for maintenance. Also, the brush is made of high-quality material which makes them apt enough to handle the rotational pressure. Thus, the wearing rate of brushes is minimized and the lifespan of the slip ring is increased.

      As the industrial sector is growing at a rapid rate, the requirement for slip rings is also growing at such a high rate. Now, slip rings have become an integral part of the industrial sector and slowly are becoming inevitable for household devices too. With the research and development in the field of slip rings, there have been many new additions like ethernet slip rings, HDMI slip rings, etc. In the same manner, there are still better slip rings that can be made and in due course of time, they will be an important part of almost every machine available.

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