Hollow Shaft Slip Ring and Its Functions

Date: 2019-01-10 15:11:31

      The advent of modern equipment has made a positive impact in terms of quantum and quality of output. But at the same time, it also brought several issues into the forefront. On one hand, it simplified the process, but on the other hand, it also brought certain design challenges. For an instance, some of the modern equipment did ease out the functionality process, but this equipment had also posed a problem of installation due to its limited space.



      The conventional slip ring could not adjust to the limited installation space. Thus, the need for advanced slip ring became innate to tackle such issues. The slip ring manufacturer came up with several new forms of slip ring called the hollow shaft slip ring, which was an apt solution for the space crunch issues.


Hollow shaft slip ring



      The hollow shaft slip ring was the answer to the question of all space-related issues. It is designed in such a way that it could easily fit in compact spaces. Such slip rings are mostly applied in the wind generators, rotary tables, medical equipment and machinery turrets.


The long list of features validates the use of hollow shaft slip ring and some of them are as follows:


Long life


      It is quite common that the modern slip rings are costlier than other such slip rings, and the amount of repairs just adds on to the cost. Thus, it is imperative that the slip ring must possess the virtue of long life as it is certainly not feasible to continuously replace the set of the slip ring.


Things are a bit different with hollow shaft slip ring as it is made up of high-quality material that increase the longevity of such slip ring.


      There are several factors that could affect the functionality of the slip ring and at the same time, damage the component like the excessive flow of current.


Advanced fiber brush contact technology


      The transmission process of the signal from the stationery to a rotating component depends on the contact between the slip ring and brush. This contact mechanism is the heart of the transmission function of the slip ring. But, this contact mechanism brings into the scheme of thing a certain level of friction that needs to be held at a certain level for proper functioning.



      The hollow shaft slip ring is composed of high-quality carbon brush which controls the level of friction. Further, it operates on the backdrop of the latest fiber brush slip ring technology which makes the transmission process seamless, keeping internal issues like friction, high current flow and varying level of voltage at bay.


      There are various other slip rings that operate on the line of fiber brush slip ring technology. Such slip rings are essentially categorized as modern slip ring. There have been recent developments that have been inculcated in the hollow shaft slip ring, which has improved its efficiency.

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