Pancake Slip Ring and Its Advantages

Date: 2019-01-11 15:39:40

      The availability of different forms of slip rings has raised certain issues regarding picking the right set of the slip ring. The process of choosing the right set of slip ring depends on the understanding of each kind and its advantages.


      A proper knowledge of what a certain slip ring is all about and what it does gives a clear idea of whether you should go for that specific option or not. Here, we will look into what is a pancake slip ring and what are its advantages?



Pancake slip ring


      The pancake slip ring is a unique type of slip ring which is designed as a concentric ring resting on a flat disc. The concentric rings are placed at the center of the rotating shaft and the insulating materials.


The insulating material is an important element in the pancake slip ring. The arrangement of brush setup follows a distributive pattern and are placed at the top.


The pancake slip ring is further categorized into two types- platter separate slip ring and integral separate slip ring.



Advantages of the pancake slip ring


      The pancake slip rings follow the pattern of hollow shaft slip ring as acts an ideal transmission device which could easily fit in smaller spaces.


      The importance of such slip ring is revealed when it is compared to other forms of the orthodox slip ring. As the conventional slip ring withers away in the face of modern technological requirement, the modern slip ring stands the test and performs at their full capacity.


      The reduced axial length of pancake slip ring for the circuits installed in the system accounts for a better operational efficiency due to a better distribution of the flow of current.


Customization and modern slip ring


      The advantage of modern slip ring is not just limited to its standard format, modern slip rings are flexible in nature as addition or removal of a crucial component is quite plain and simple. Hence, the customized form of slip ring is equally useful.


      The customization of the modern slip ring, especially, the pancake slip ring has to be done with respect to a certain set of guideline or parameters given by the slip ring manufacturer.



Alternative to the pancake slip ring


      There are a very few alternatives to pancake slip ring that could meet the same level of requirement. The hollow shaft slip ring is the closest alternative to the pancake form. Though the design pattern of such slip ring differs from the pancake slip ring, the basic purpose for usage is largely the same. Both forms of slip ring are used to tackle the problem of space crunch which adds complexity to the process of installation.


      The use of pancake slip ring is seen in various fields, including equipment used in medical fields, rotary sensors and various other such fields. It is only with time that more application of this innovative slip ring will be unearthed.

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