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how to design new slip ring products

New slip rings are often complex and innovative,creative,the development of new slip ring products are main adapt the market,improve core competence, seek for new growth point to achieve sustainable development.New products are very important stage for upgrade products,many company invest large capital,manual labor and material to research new products,recently,in order to achieve all works of needs,slip rings were studied and researched in many aspects from military items to new products are extremely important for a enterprise. Surely,there is a scientific management to improve operation of department.

Investigation and analysis is necessary prophase work for new products, the main purposes are judge and analyze market needs, skill level and prospect,and draw up specific scheme,Precision scheme,the slip ring products design are from new product`s development and approve to design scheme,it`s core items and main tasks for new products,and it`s a key which related with whole development,on the other hand,it`s a basic to measure a enterprise`s engineering levels, at first,confirming project designswhich including attain technical parameteroperating principle,structure,system and so on.secondly,the design of slip ring,which including calculation of technique models,research,test report,calculation sheet,engineering paper, allowancesize,cost of building,schematic diagram, measure of inspection and reliable,function of maintain and so on.

Trial slip ring product and trial production.whether success or not main depends on the trail produce and trial production for the scheme of new products, it must remedy insufficient and confirm the calculation of costs during process by trial product and trial production.Transfer work after success of trial production,which is mean that it is success for these new slip ring products,and it`s necessary.
At last, it`s necessary to appraisal and approval for a new product,and evaluate the same term performance and new market,only innovation,research,improve the function of slip rings under competitive circumstance can we win the future.
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