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Moflon Inc is a worldwide slip ring manufacturer/suppliers, and we're global leader in providing high performance electrical slip rings and fluid rotary unions, joints, and for a wide range of industry applications.

With over 10,000 slip ring drawings we have experience with a wide variety of designs and applications. Mounting options include, but are not limited to, end-of-shaft, over-the-shaft and inside-the-shaft mounting. Moflon slip rings are manufactured using the highest quality materials available including solid coin silver rings,gold-gold contact, graphite and silver brushes, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys. Moflon uses state of the art CNC machines to manufacture all of our parts and an experienced workforce to assemble each slip ring.

Moflon Inc have complete testing equipments,slip rings laboratories ,slip ring assembly line.
Test Equipments:
slip ring test equipments
Five Slip Ring Testing Lab:
Five Slip Ring Testing Lab Slip ring Assembly Line:
Slip ring Assembly
We specialize in Customized solutions, Current our model have over 12000, and over 80% model customized with customer request and base on technology and full experience, our slip ring solution including traditionary carbon brush, gold wire contact, gold fiber brush contact, no contact transmit, each solution application depend on the customer real application request with economically, high quality and reliability.
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