Why You Should Use USB Slip Rings in Electromechanical Appliances

Date: 2018-09-05 19:49:36

          Having difficulty to operate an electromechanical appliance for a poor quality of slip ring? Using an inferior quality of slip rings can cause disruption of the apparatus. Always use the high-quality usb slip rings to make workable the electromechanical machines. The main purpose of manufacturing these slip rings for the USB connection and for transmission of USB 1.0 and 2.0 signals. It has a number of series created for different fields of use.


Here are the top 5 reasons to use the usb slip rings:



1)Stability in transmission: The USB rings have a stability during the transmission of the connection and signals.

2)Less damage: There is no chance of packet loss or insertion loss.

3)No need for coding: It does not need a code number.

4)Good quality material: Made of pure aluminium material with first-class gold plating and US military coating technology which provides extremely high signal and produces less noise.

5)Mixed channels: This slip ring can mix the electrical power channels and signal channels.

rf slip ring

rotating slip ring for operating the electrical units? An rf slip ring can rotate 360-degrees limitless in a machine. It is a liquid metal mixed transmission medium. This slip ring is used for Satellite antenna, ship, vehicle, radar, microwave antenna test bench, and others.


Following are the features of the rf slip ring:

1.Limitless rotation: It is used for the appliances for continuous rotation in 360-degrees.

2.High frequency: These slip rings can transfer high-frequency signals of DC~50 GHz.

3.Support system: The rf slip rings can support ~2 channel.

4.Capacity of transmission: It supplies power and signal at the combination of 1~92 wires.

5.Low loss: This rotating slip ring has low insertion loss and less voltage standing wave ratio.


through bore slip ring

through bore slip rings are also known as through hole or hollow slip ring since it has a central hole.




Special characteristics of the through hole slip rings are:

1)Advanced technology: The multi-point contact brush of this slip ring created with modern technology which ensures reliable connection and low friction.

2)Casing: This slip ring is a protective material as it has a metal covering.

3)Design: The hollow slip ring constructed with a fusion design.

4)Easy installation: It is easy to install in any devices.

5)Optional hole size: It offers optional hole size ranging from 3mm to 300 mm.

6)Optional circuits: The bore slip rings provide optional circuits number 0~300 to the customers.

7)Standardized: This slip ring has a standard current of 0~20A and voltage of 0~600V in both AC and DC.

8)Customization: In this category, the buyers will get a custom-made current, voltage, and circuits on the basis of the models.



Reference Parts# of Slip Rings as below:
MFO800A series Fiber Optic Rotary Joints(optional+Electrical Slip Rings)
Pay Online
MT1242 series Through Bore Slip Ring
MW2050 series Swivel Electrical Connector,Electrical Swivel Connector
MT60130 series Through Bore Slip Ring
MW1000 series Slip Rings, Rotary Electrical,Electrical Swivel,Electric Swivel

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