MW2050 Series
Bore size 50mm, 50A,100A current
MW2050 slip rings
  • MW2050 series is large current swivel electrical connector,electrical swivel connector with bore size 50mm.
  • The swivel electrical connector can be used for shaft installation or through gas-liquid catheter.
  • The electrical swivel connector can be with rated current 20A/30A/50A to over 100A.
  • This series slip ring has the advantages of high precision rotation, stable performance and longer working life.
  • The contact material adopts metal + ultra hard gold-plated treatment, with small torque, long working life, small resistance ripples and stable transmission performance.
Standard series PART# Explanation

Product grade
Products Level CodeMax Rotating SpeedWorking LifeContact Material
VC100RPM10 Million Revsprecious metal
VD200RPM30 Million RevsGold-plated

Specification of Electrical Swivel Connector
Mechanical DataElectrical Data
Working LifeSee Product Quality LevelPower
Rotating SpeedSee Product Quality LevelRated Voltage0~690VAC/VDC
Working temp-30℃~80℃Insulation Resistance≥1000MΩ/500VDC
Operating Humidity0~85% RHLead WiresAWG8#=50A or AWG8 parallel
Contact MaterialSee Product Quality LevelLead LengthStandard 300mm
Housing Materiaaluminium alloyInsulating Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Torque0.1N·m;+0.03N·m/1ringElectrical Noise<0.01Ω
Protection GradeIP51

MW2050 Series slip ring part# list
MW2050-P01100 0 1000055MW2050-P0350 30000 0 95
MW2050-P0115000 1000 65MW2050-P031000 3000095
MW2050-P01200000 100 65MW2050-P0315000 3000 125
MW2050-P013000000 10 95MW2050-P03200000 300 125
MW2050-P0150000000 1 125MW2050-P033000000 30215
MW2050-P0250 200000 75MW2050-P0450 400000 115
MW2050-P021000 20000 75MW2050-P041000 40000 115
MW2050-P0215000 2000 85MW2050-P0415000 4000 155
MW2050-P02200000 200 95MW2050-P04200000 400 155
MW2050-P023000000 20 155MW2050-P043000000 40 275

Note: 1. N channels 50A rings parallel can be used as 1 channel N * 50A current. For example: 2 rings 50A parallel could be used as 1 wires 100A
Optional for adding signal wire, thermocouple signal wire and high temperature resistance, all kinds of swivel electrical connectors and electrical swivel connector can be customized on customer's request. Please contact customer service for more information.

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