MHF100 Series
1 channel Coaxial/RF/High Frequency Slip Rings | Rotary Joints
RF slip ring, SMA rotary joint
  • MHF series RF slip ring,SMA rotary joint could support 1 channel RF/High Frequency transmitting when rotating 360° with N-connector or SMA connector.
    They are great solutions for keeping coaxial cable from twisting when connected to a rotating device. Rotary joints for RF are used for commercial and military radar, land mobile radio communications, antenna applications and other radio applications. It can support maximum transfer rate 40GHz.
    This series product can support single channel high frequency transmissions, also support high-frequency signal transmission combining with 24V control signal, communication signal, power supply and fluid media. High-frequency signal adopts 50Ω characteristic impedance RF coaxial connector.(other specified connectors are switchable, also Lead wire size are optional, such as RG178、RG316、RG174, etc.)
Standard series PART# Explanation

Mechanical data
Working Life50Million Revs.
Rotating Speed100RPM
Working Temp.-30℃~80℃
Operating Humidity0~85% RH
Contact MaterialGold-Gold
Housing Materialstainless steel
Protection gradeIP51

MHF100 series parts# list
Part#RF ChannelFrquencyConnector TypesCharacteristic ImpedanceInsertion LossVSWRVSWR Ripple





What is RF slip ring,SMA rotary joint?

RF slip ring is a slip ring used to transfer RF signal from a stationary part to a rotating part, preserving and isolating the electrical connection. SMA rotary joint is a connector used to transfer RF signal(using SMA connector) from a stationary part to a rotating part, preserving and isolating the electrical connection when rotating 360°.

Moflon offer standard RF slip ring,SMA rotary joint product lines grouped by function and feature exclusive contact technology selected for compatibility to each application's current, voltage, temperature, speed, and required service life.

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