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what is through bore slip rings?

Why we named it as slip ring with through bore? We usually call it in this way because it has a bore in the middle part. It has very wide applications, mainly installed in the equipments with a rotation axis, and the rotating joint needed to transmit signals in the fixed and unfixed structures. In the near future, this type of through bore slip rings would widely used in the new areas including automation equipment, automated testing equipment and automated robots. At that time, there would have high requirements on their structures and technical parameters, so MOFLON not only manufactures the existing products but also invests lot of funds to research new products so that the new structure can meet the demand of slip rings in the future.
miniature slip ring with miniature bore size
Because the quantity demanded is not very large, many slip rings with bore are needed to customize. Hollow-shaft slip rings are also called as the slip rings with bore. There are many structures of the slip rings, and there are many different classifications according to the different structure, the use of areas, transmission media, etc. Such kinds of slip ring are mainly used in the place where it needs to unlimitedly rotate to transmit power of data from the fixed part to the rotational part and the structure of this type is to transmit some data such as current and signals by the contact between the brush bundle and the contacting point from the fixed part to the rotational part.
through bore slip ring
The basic technical parameters of this type of slip rings include outer diameter, inner diameter, length, number of rings, voltage, current, the highest speed and so on.
lare bore size through bore slip ring

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what is through bore slip rings?

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