All You Need to Know About Slip Rings

Date: 2018-08-30 17:34:15

         slip rings transmit electric signals from one stationary structure to another rotating one. They are used in many applications and come in different shapes and forms.

They are also known by many names: commutator, swivel and rotary joint are some of them. The applications are in various sectors including, but not limited to:

        *Aerospace - Military: electrical slip rings find use in rotorcraft applications, helicopters, and advanced aircraft.


        *Industrial - commercial sector: slip rings in the industrial/commercial sector find many uses. slip rings with through-bores, separates (used in blade-folding applications), large bore, used in applications where rpms of 10,000 are needed, and ethernet slip rings, which transfer Ethernet protocol are all used in commercial and industrial environments.


*Other areas: They are also used in the marine and wind turbine sectors.

There are many factors involved in choosing the right one for a specific application.

They include:

*Circuit numbers

*Signal type

*Operating temperature

*Number of rpms

*Current and voltage (maximum) for signal and power circuits

*Environments/applications in which slip rings are used

*Quality grade of slip rings and whether there is a need for making them dust/waterproof



        slip rings come in many varieties, and the classifications are based on the brush style. A brush conducts electric current to the rotary structure of the slip ring. There are many materials that go into the design of the brush. There are also brushless slip rings.


        slip rings are also classified on the basis of whether they have a drum design or a pancake design. slip rings that have been designed on the drum pattern are said to be inexpensive, low-maintenance and are very easy when it comes to configuring them. Also, in a drum type mercury slip ring, the manufacturer can offer an assembly that can be tailor-made to suit the needs of a specific application. This is possible because irrespective of circuit numbers, the rings can be stacked each one at a specific time, they can be similar or different from one another.

In a pancake type, there are a couple of boards (circuit), which are positioned against one another with a pressure and spacing that is predetermined.

The design, configuration, the circuit numbers are all aspects you would need to discuss with a slip rings manufacturer India is home to.


Factors affecting the effectiveness of the rings

*Working environment

The working environment in which the rings operate include:



*And lastly is the vibration which affects the operation and design of the ring.?

Things to consider while assembling the rings?

*Weight of the rings


* Isolation of circuits

*Feature of the rings?

*Type of circuit?

Safety and protection from dust

        If you require industrial slip rings, you should procure ones that have seals so that there is protection from any dust or dirt.



        Safety is another important aspect you should keep in mind. You can ask a mercury slip ring manufacturer for suggestions on the choice of metal. Mercury contacts are not recommended by reputed manufacturers because of the fear of mercury leakage and the consequent contamination



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