How Much do Slip Ring Assemblies Cost?

Date: 2018-08-28 20:01:49

     Almost a major number of factory unit and industrial sectors employ the slip rings for top-end machinery or small size devices. Have you ever paid keen attention to the cost of slip ring assemblies? It differs based on the structural design, components, size and motive of the construction.

     There are some other factors behind the pricing of the swivels like the number of circuits used in the slip ring, the type of material used for the brush contact and the kind of plating used for the metal product.

Some of the key elements for determining the slip ring assemblies price are:

1.Size: The price of the slip ring varies according to the size of the product. Like the larger metal rings are costly compared to the smaller ones. The reason is that the large slip rings are heavier and thicker and requires more input than the smaller size. Yet, some of the innovative small-sized slip rings are also costly. Among the cheapest rotary joints is the capsule slip ring while the wind turbine slip ring is the costliest.

2.Involvement of technology: The cost of the technologically evolved slip rings like the usb slip ring or the ethernet slip ring. These slip rings are used for the high data signal transmission to the stable structure.

3.Components used for the construction: Depending on the components used for the construction of the slip rings, the cost of the product will vary. Such as the fiber optical slip ring and the copper coated slip rings cost more than the ordinary ones.

4.Environmental condition: Some of the slip rings are constructed as per the external conditions. It is quite natural that the cost will also contradict in such case. To withstand the severe atmospheric condition or to operate on the water and land a special series of slip ring are manufactured. This category of electrical rotary joints are really expensive.

5.Quantity: It is true that some slip ring companies provide discounts on the quantity of the products that the customers purchases. That means the more slip rings the buyer will purchase the cost of each slip ring will decrease.

6.Custom-made: Some of the slip rings are custom-made. After the customer provides the details of the material and then the final quote for the price is arrived at.

usb slip ring

The usb slip ring can be categorized as a small size and reduced outer diameter. It has a special vacuum infusion process and high stability due to the application of precious metal to the brush contact. It ensures smooth electrical transmission function and rotation performance.


The slip ring has some distinguishable features which include:

No friction in the slip ring.

Low contact resistance.

Less thickness.

Transmits combined precision signals and current.

fiber optic slip ring

The fiber optic slip ring plays a pivotal role in solving the signal and current transmission in the machine. It ensures that there is no interruption of rotation and can transmit the optical signals from the rotating structure to the stationary body.


The fiber rotary joint is used in most kind of slip rings for its unique characteristics such as:

1)The fiber optical slip ring uses light for signal transmission.

2)There is no electromagnetic leakage.

3)It has no contact transmission.

4)The users can double the bandwidth of the transmission.

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