GJ6030 Series
Through bore 30mm, 6 inlet and 6 outlet
GJ6030 slip rings
  • GJ6030 series is rotary joint for water,and other media with through bore 30mm, 6 inlet and 6 outlet, can be customized with electric slip rings.
  • GJ6030 have two port size G1/8、G3/8 ,It can transfer media as compressed aird, vacuum, hydrogen, nitrogen, steam, cooling water, hot water, oil and so on.
Standard series PART# Explanation

Product Quality Level Table
Products Level CodeMax speedWorking LifeSealing Element
VC100RPM10Million Revs.Common Seals
VD300RPM30Million Revs.High-Quality Seals

Rotary Union Specifications
Passage6 in 6 out
Max.10MPa,Vacuum 0.01torr
TorqueSee Part#List

GJ6030 Parts# List
Part#Connection sizeTorque(N.M)Connection sizeID
GJ6030-026 in 6 out3.5G1/830mm
GJ6030-036 in 6 out3.5G3/830mm

GJ6030-02 6 inlet 6 outlet, G1/8

GJ6030-03 6 inlet 6 outlet, G3/8

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