MGP2 Series
2 Passages General Purpose Rotary Unions
MGP2 slip rings
  • 2 Passage General Purpose Rotary Unions.
  • MGP2 general purpose rotary unions could connect with M5、G1/8、G1/4、G3/8、G1/2 ,also can combine with power wire, signal wire ,Ethernet, USB, Industrial BUS, control line, solenoid valve, sense line, etc. It’s Standard Flange installation, hollow shaft can be customized as well.
    Media Types: Air/Gas,Vacuum,Chemical,DI/Tap Water,Oil,etc.
Standard series PART# Explanation

Product Quality Level Table
Products Level CodeMax speedWorking LifeSealing Element
VC100RPM6Million Revs.Domestic famous brand seals
VD300RPM20Million Revs.Imported seals

Mechanical dataRotary Union Specifications
Working lifeSee Prod Level TablePassages2 Passages
Rated speedSee Prod Level TableMax Pressure50MPa (customizable high pressure),vacuum 30HG
Operating temp-30℃~80℃Media TypeAir,vacuum,hydraulic oil,water,hot water,coolant,steam,etc
Working humidity0~85% RHTorqueDepends on connection size.
SealsSee Prod Level Table
Shell materialAluminum alloy/steel
Protection GradeIP51

MGP2 series Parts# List
Model NoPassagesPort sizeInner hole sizePressure
MGP212 in 2 outG1/8"N/A0-50MPa
MGP21-ID122 in 2 outG1/8"12mm0-50MPa
MGP222 in 2 outG1/4"N/A0-50MPa
MGP22-ID192 in 2 outG1/4"19mm0-50MPa
MGP232 in 2 outG3/8"N/A0-50MPa
MGP23-ID192 in 2 outG3/8"19mm0-50MPa
MGP242 in 2 outG1/2"N/A0-50MPa
MGP24-ID192 in 2 outG1/2"19mm0-50MPa
MGP25-ID252 in 2 outG5/8"25mm0-50MPa

MGP2 Series Drawings

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