moflon slip rings

MJ Series(Through Bore Pneumatic/Hydraulicrotary
    Joint, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Slip Rings)

MJ Series Catalog
  • hollow,bore size 20mm,30mm,rotating with360 degrees, meanwhile transmitting pneumatic and hydraulics
  • Supporting 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12/16 passages pneumatic/hydraulic
  • Standard port size have M5,G1/8,G1/4,G3/8,G1/2,G3/4,G1" and so on.
  • It can transfer media as compressed aird, vacuum, hydrogen, nitrogen, steam, cooling water, hot water, oil and so on.
  • High-speed and high-pressure rotating jointcan be customized on request.

Model# Passages Port size Tube size ID Details
1 in 1 outG1/8;G1/4;3mm~12mm20mm
2 in 2 outG1/8;G1/4;3mm~12mm20mm
3 in 3 outG1/8;G1/4;3mm~12mm20mm
4 in 4 outG1/8;G1/4;3mm~12mm20mm
1 in 1 outG1/8;G1/4;3mm~12mm30mm
2 in 2 outG1/8;G1/4;3mm~12mm30mm
3 in 3 outG1/8;G1/4;3mm~12mm30mm
4 in 4 outG1/8;G1/4;3mm~12mm30mm

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