MAPH100 Series
1 Inlet 1 Outlet Rotary Unions + 0~96 Circuits
MAPH100 slip rings
  • MAPH100 series is 1 inlet 1 outlet pneumatic/hydraulic rotary unions (optional + electrical slip rings) could connect with M5、G1/8、G1/4、G3/8、G1/2 channel ,also can combine with 2~96 power wires,signal wires ,Ethernet, USB, Industrial BUS, control line, solenoid valve, sense line,etc. It's Standard Flange installation, hollow shaft can be customized as well.
    Media Types: Air/Gas,Vacuum,Chemical,DI/Tap Water,Oil,etc.
Standard series PART# Explanation

Product Quality Level Table
Products Level CodeMax speedWorking LifeSealing Element
VC100RPM10Million Revs.Common Seals
VD300RPM30Million Revs.High-Quality Seals

Rotary Union SpecificationsMechanical data
Passage1 in 1 outWorking LifeSee Prod Quality Level
Max.10MPa,Vacuum 0.01torrRotating SpeedSee Prod Quality Level
TorqueConsult technician about detailsWorking Temp.-30℃~80℃
Electrical dataOperating Humidity0~85% RH
ParameterValueContact MaterialPrecious Metal
PowerSignalHousing MaterialAluminium Alloy
Rated Voltage0~440VAC/VDC0~440VAC/VDCProtection gradeIP51
Insulation Res≥1000MΩ/500VDC≥1000MΩ/500VDC
Lead WiresAWG16#TeflonAWG22#Teflon
Lead LengthStandard 300mm
Dielectric Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Res Noise<0.01Ω

MAPH100-01 1 inlet 1 outlet, M5

MAPH100-02 1 inlet 1 outlet, G1/8"

MAPH100-03 1 inlet 1 outlet, G1/4"

MAPH100-04 1 inlet 1 outlet, G3/8"

MAPH100-05 1 inlet 1 outlet, G1/2"

MAPH100-01, MAPH100-02 series
1)XX=01 Connection size M5
2)XX=02 Connection sizeG1/8
MAPH100-XX-S061 in 1 out0638MAPH100-XX-P0810-S101 in 1 out81071.6
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S041 in 1 out2438MAPH100-XX-P1010-S081 in 1 out10871.6
MAPH100-XX-P0410-S021 in 1 out4238MAPH100-XX-P1210-S061 in 1 out12671.6
MAPH100-XX-P06101 in 1 out6038MAPH100-XX-P1410-S041 in 1 out14471.6
MAPH100-XX-S121 in 1 out12054.8MAPH100-XX-P1610-S021 in 1 out16271.6
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S101 in 1 out21054.8MAPH100-XX-S241 in 1 out02488.4
MAPH100-XX-P0310-S091 in 1 out3954.8MAPH100-XX-P0410-S201 in 1 out42088.4
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S061 in 1 out6654.8MAPH100-XX-P0610-S181 in 1 out61888.4
MAPH100-XX-P0810-S041 in 1 out8454.8MAPH100-XX-P1210-S121 in 1 out121288.4
MAPH100-XX-P1010-S021 in 1 out10254.8MAPH100-XX-S301 in 1 out030105.2
MAPH100-XX-P12101 in 1 out12054.8MAPH100-XX-P0610-S241 in 1 out624105.2
MAPH100-XX-S181 in 1 out01871.6MAPH100-XX-S361 in 1 out036125
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S161 in 1 out21671.6MAPH100-XX-S421 in 1 out042141.8
MAPH100-XX-P0410-S141 in 1 out41471.6MAPH100-XX-S481 in 1 out048158.6
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S121 in 1 out61271.6

10A and Signal(5A) can be combined in any way as you need,Max.Ring:96 rings,Can be customized based on standard slip rings,Please contact us.
MAPH100-03, MAPH100-04, MAPH100-05 series
1)XX=03 Connection size G1/4
2)XX=04 Connection sizeG3/8
3)XX=05 Connection sizeG1/2
MAPH100-XX-S061 in 1 out0645.2MAPH100-XX-P1210-S181 in 1 out1218126.8
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S041 in 1 out2445.2MAPH100-XX-P1810-S121 in 1 out1812126.8
MAPH100-XX-P0410-S021 in 1 out4245.2MAPH100-XX-P2410-S061 in 1 out246126.8
MAPH100-XX-P06101 in 1 out6045.2MAPH100-XX-P30101 in 1 out300126.8
MAPH100-XX-S121 in 1 out01265.6MAPH100-XX-S361 in 1 out036150.2
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S101 in 1 out21065.6MAPH100-XX-P0610-S301 in 1 out630150.2
MAPH100-XX-P0310-S091 in 1 out3965.6MAPH100-XX-P1210-S241 in 1 out1224150.2
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S061 in 1 out6665.6MAPH100-XX-P36101 in 1 out360150.2
MAPH100-XX-P0810-S041 in 1 out8465.6MAPH100-XX-S421 in 1 out042170.6
MAPH100-XX-P1010-S021 in 1 out10265.6MAPH100-XX-P0610-S361 in 1 out636170.6
MAPH100-XX-P12101 in 1 out12065.6MAPH100-XX-P1210-S301 in 1 out1230170.6
MAPH100-XX-S181 in 1 out01886MAPH100-XX-P42101 in 1 out420170.6
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S161 in 1 out21686MAPH100-XX-S481 in 1 out048193.2
MAPH100-XX-P0410-S141 in 1 out41486MAPH100-XX-P0610-S421 in 1 out642193.2
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S121 in 1 out61286MAPH100-XX-P1210-S361 in 1 out1236193.2
MAPH100-XX-P0810-S101 in 1 out81086MAPH100-XX-P1810-S301 in 1 out1830193.2
MAPH100-XX-P1010-S081 in 1 out10886MAPH100-XX-P2410-S241 in 1 out2424193.2
MAPH100-XX-P1210-S061 in 1 out12686MAPH100-XX-P48101 in 1 out480193.2
MAPH100-XX-P1410-S041 in 1 out14486MAPH100-XX-S601 in 1 out060234
MAPH100-XX-P1610-S021 in 1 out16286MAPH100-XX-P0610-S541 in 1 out654234
MAPH100-XX-S241 in 1 out024106.4MAPH100-XX-P0910-S511 in 1 out951234
MAPH100-XX-P0410-S201 in 1 out420106.4MAPH100-XX-P1210-S481 in 1 out1248234
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S181 in 1 out618106.4MAPH100-XX-P2410-S361 in 1 out2436234
MAPH100-XX-P1210-S121 in 1 out1212106.4MAPH100-XX-S721 in 1 out072277.8
MAPH100-XX-P1810-S061 in 1 out186106.4MAPH100-XX-P1210-S601 in 1 out1260277.8
MAPH100-XX-P24101 in 1 out240106.4MAPH100-XX-P2410-S481 in 1 out2448277.8
MAPH100-XX-S301 in 1 out030126.8MAPH100-XX-P3610-S361 in 1 out3636277.8
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S241 in 1 out624126.8

10A and Signal(5A) can be combined in any way as you need,Max.Ring:96 rings,Can be customized based on standard slip rings,Please contact us.

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