MAPH300 Series
3 Inlet 3 Outlet Rotary Unions + 0~96 Circuits
MAPH300 slip rings
  • MAPH300 series is 3 inlet 3 outlet pneumatic/hydraulic rotary unions (optional + electrical slip rings) could connect with M5、G1/8、G1/4、G3/8、G1/2 channel ,also can combine with 2~96 power wires,signal wires ,Ethernet, USB, Industrial BUS, control line, solenoid valve, sense line,etc. It's Standard Flange installation, hollow shaft can be customized as well.
    Media Types: Air/Gas,Vacuum,Chemical,DI/Tap Water,Oil,etc.
Standard series PART# Explanation

Product Quality Level Table
Products Level CodeMax speedWorking LifeSealing Element
VC100RPM10Million Revs.Common Seals
VD300RPM30Million Revs.High-Quality Seals

Rotary Union SpecificationsMechanical data
Passage3 in 3 outWorking LifeSee Prod Quality Level
Max.10MPa,Vacuum 0.01torrRotating SpeedSee Prod Quality Level
TorqueConsult technician about detailsWorking Temp.-30℃~80℃
Electrical dataOperating Humidity0~85% RH
ParameterValueContact MaterialPrecious Metal
PowerSignalHousing MaterialAluminium Alloy
Rated Voltage0~440VAC/VDC0~440VAC/VDCProtection gradeIP51
Insulation Res≥1000MΩ/500VDC≥1000MΩ/500VDC
Lead WiresAWG17#TeflonAWG22#Teflon
Lead LengthStandard 300mm
Dielectric Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Res Noise<0.01Ω

MAPH300-01 (3 passages, M5)

MAPH300-02 (3 passages, G1/8")

MAPH300-03 (3 passages, G1/4")

MAPH300-04 (3 passages, G3/8")

MAPH300-05 (3 passages, G1/2")

MAPH300-XX series
1)XX=01,Connection size=M5, Tube size3~6mm 2)XX=02,Connection size=G1/8,Tube size3~10mm
3)XX=03,Connection size=G1/4,Tube size3~12mm 4)XX=04,Connection size=G3/8,Tube size3~16mm
5)XX=05,Connection size=G1/2,Tube size3~20mm
MAPH300-XX-S063 in 3 out0638MAPH300-XX-P0810-S103 in 3 out81071.6
MAPH300-XX-P0210-S043 in 3 out2438MAPH300-XX-P1010-S083 in 3 out10871.6
MAPH300-XX-P0410-S023 in 3 out4238MAPH300-XX-P1210-S063 in 3 out12671.6
MAPH300-XX-P06103 in 3 out6038MAPH300-XX-P1410-S043 in 3 out14471.6
MAPH300-XX-S123 in 3 out12054.8MAPH300-XX-P1610-S023 in 3 out16271.6
MAPH300-XX-P0210-S103 in 3 out21054.8MAPH300-XX-S243 in 3 out02488.4
MAPH300-XX-P0310-S093 in 3 out3954.8MAPH300-XX-P0410-S203 in 3 out42088.4
MAPH300-XX-P0610-S063 in 3 out6654.8MAPH300-XX-P0610-S183 in 3 out61888.4
MAPH300-XX-P0810-S043 in 3 out8454.8MAPH300-XX-P1210-S123 in 3 out121288.4
MAPH300-XX-P1010-S023 in 3 out10254.8MAPH300-XX-S303 in 3 out030105.2
MAPH300-XX-P12103 in 3 out12054.8MAPH300-XX-P0610-S243 in 3 out624105.2
MAPH300-XX-S183 in 3 out01871.6MAPH300-XX-S363 in 3 out036125
MAPH300-XX-P0210-S163 in 3 out21671.6MAPH300-XX-S423 in 3 out042141.8
MAPH300-XX-P0410-S143 in 3 out41471.6MAPH300-XX-S483 in 3 out048158.6
MAPH300-XX-P0610-S123 in 3 out61271.6

What is Water Rotary Unions?

A rotary union is a union that allows for rotation of the united parts. It is thus a device that provides a seal between a stationary supply passage (such as pipe or tubing) and a rotating part (such as a drum, cylinder, or spindle) to permit the flow of a fluid into and/or out of the rotating part.

Fluids typically used with rotary joints and rotating unions include various heat transfer media and fluid power media such as steam, water, thermal oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolants. A rotary union is sometimes referred to as a rotating union, rotary valve, swivel union, rotorseal,rotary couplings, rotary joint, rotating joints, hydraulic coupling, pneumatic rotary union, through bore rotary union, air rotary union, electrical rotary union, or vacuum rotary union

10A and Signal(5A) can be combined in any way as you need,Max.Ring:96 rings,Can be customized based on standard slip rings,Please contact us.
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