MT012 Series
Bore size 12.7mm, OD 56mm
MT012 slip rings
  • MT012 series are standard, off-the-shelf products, Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor for simplified electrical connections.It can provides a 12.7mm(1/2") through-bore for routing of hydraulic or pneumatic lines or hydraulic or pneumatic rotating shaft installation, and a compact 56mm outside diameter, features long life, fiber brush contact technology for ultimate performance in many challenging applications.
Standard series PART# Explanation

Rings2~48(see table as below)CurrentSignal(2A) or 10A
Voltage440 VDC/VACMax speed1000RPM
Through bore size12.7mm(1/2")Overall diameter56mm(2.2")
Housing MaterialAluminium AlloyTorque0.05N.m;+0.03/6rings
Working lifedepends on working speedContact materialPrecious Metal:Gold-Gold
Electrical noise<5mOhnContact Resistance<2mOhm
Dielectric strength800VDC@50HzLead WireUL Teflon® Awg22,Awg16
Insulation resistance1000MΩ@600VDCLead Lengths300mm(12")
Operating Temp.-40°C to 80°CProtectionIP51
Mechanical vibratioMIL-SID-810EHumidity10% to 85% RH
MaterialsLead Free,RoHS compliantCE CertifiedYES

* Please note: 10A rings parallel can be used as multiple 10A current.
* For Example: 2 rings parallel could be used as 1 wires 20A

Total Rings=2, Length=25.8mm
Parts#Circuits InfoParts#Circuits Info
Total Rings=3, Length=29.6mm
Parts#Circuits InfoParts#Circuits Info
Total Rings=6, Length=38mm
Parts#Circuits InfoParts#Circuits Info
MT01206-02042X10A + 4Xsignal(2A)MT01206-04024X10A + 2Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=12, Length=54.8mm
Parts#Circuits InfoParts#Circuits Info
MT01212-02102X10A + 10Xsignal(2A)MT01212-04084X10A + 8Xsignal(2A)
MT01212-06066X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)MT01212-08048X10A + 4Xsignal(2A)
MT01212-100210X10A + 2Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=18, Length=71.5mm
Parts#Circuits InfoParts#Circuits Info
MT01218-02162X10A + 16Xsignal(2A)MT01218-04144X10A + 14Xsignal(2A)
MT01218-06126X10A + 12Xsignal(2A)MT01218-08108X10A + 10Xsignal(2A)
MT01218-100810X10A + 8Xsignal(2A)MT01218-120612X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)
MT01218-140414X10A + 4Xsignal(2A)MT01218-160216X10A + 2Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=24, Length=88.4mm
Parts#Circuits InfoParts#Circuits Info
MT01224-06186X10A + 18Xsignal(2A)MT01224-121212X10A + 12Xsignal(2A)
MT01224-180618X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=30, Length=105mm
Parts#Circuits InfoParts#Circuits Info
MT01230-06246X10A + 24Xsignal(2A)MT01230-121812X10A + 18Xsignal(2A)
MT01230-181218X10A + 12Xsignal(2A)MT01230-240624X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=36, Length=122mm
Parts#Circuits InfoParts#Circuits Info
MT01236-06306X10A + 30Xsignal(2A)MT01236-122412X10A + 24Xsignal(2A)
MT01236-181818X10A + 18Xsignal(2A)MT01236-241224X10A + 12Xsignal(2A)
MT01236-300630X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=42, Length=138.8mm
Parts#Circuits InfoParts#Circuits Info
MT01242-06366X10A + 36Xsignal(2A)MT01242-123012X10A + 30Xsignal(2A)
MT01242-182418X10A + 24Xsignal(2A)MT01242-241824X10A + 18Xsignal(2A)
MT01242-301230X10A + 12Xsignal(2A)MT01242-360636X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)
Total Rings=48, Length=155.6mm
Parts#Circuits InfoParts#Circuits Info
MT01248-06426X10A + 42Xsignal(2A)MT01248-123612X10A + 36Xsignal(2A)
MT01248-183018X10A + 30Xsignal(2A)MT01248-242424X10A + 24Xsignal(2A)
MT01248-301830X10A + 18Xsignal(2A)MT01248-361236X10A + 12Xsignal(2A)
MT01248-420642X10A + 6Xsignal(2A)
MT012(Part number of Large Current)
Parts#Circuits InfoLengthParts#Circuits InfoLength
MT012-P04204X20A38mmMT012-P0330-S063X30A + 6Xsignal(2A)54.5mm
MT012-P0430-S044X30A+4Xsignal(2A)54.5mmMT012-P0440-S024X40A + 2Xsignal(2A)54.5mm

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